Join Me For My First Facebook Live Tomorrow


Are there days, weeks, or maybe even months where your creativity just oozes out of you then all of a sudden inspiration dries up –vanishes — POOF it’s gone!?

Or maybe your creativity doesn’t quite disappear but it seems like you keep hitting roadblock after roadblock. You feel stuck, frustrated, banging your head against the canvas like a silly coot! Believe it or not, these are all common symptoms of being engaged with the creative process. Though here’s the sweet part — if you understand the Seasons of your Creative Process you can transform roadblocks into innovation and dry patches into nourishment.

In my very first Facebook LIVE Show ever tomorrow Monday, December 19th at 9:30am PST I will be discussing the four seasons of our Creative Process and how they impact the way we work, live, and flow as artists.

Plus, there will definitely be some FEARLESS® Painting going on as well!

Come join me — I’d love for you to come!

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