50 Things My Hands Absolutely Love

1.) When Phoenix holds my hand.
2.) My paintbrushes.
3.) Cutting ripe mangos.
4.) Petting my fur babies.
5.) Touching Hansel’s skin.
6.) Soaking in the ocean.
7.) Homemade lavender soap.
8.) Neon acrylic paint.
9.) The sweat off of an ice cold glass of water.
10.) Throwing pottery.

11.) Wedging clay.
12.) Combing Phoenix’s hair.
13.) Italian velvet.
14.) Playing harmonium.
15.) Glittery guitar picks.
16.) Digging in dirt.
17.) The ridges of a seashell.
18.) Resting on a friend’s back.
19.) Coconut oil.
20.) My pink bike gloves.

21.) Dialing my mom’s phone number.
22.) Sewing by hand.
23.) Cutting rosemary.
24.) Embossed leather.
25.) Horses.
26.) Towels right out of the dryer.
27.) Handmade paper.
28.) Dried flowers.
29.) Textured paintings.
30.) The walls along the streets of Oaxaca

31.) Tall grass.
32.) Cattails.
33.) The bark of a palo verde tree.
34.) Art Graf sticks.
35.) Charcoal.
36.) Building with legos.
37.) Writing morning pages.
38.) Gyan Mudra.
39.) Downward Facing Dog.
40.) Pods.

41.) Purple nail polish.
42.) Chopping tomatoes.
43.) Stirring oatmeal.
44.) Holding the storybook as I read to Phoenix.
45.) Sa Ta Na Ma.
46.) Snapping just for the hell of it.
47.) Hand massages.
48.) Giving reiki.
49.) Making things.
50.) Drawing with chalk on the sidewalk.

Welcome to Day 5 of 21 Days of emBODY.  Today’s invitation is the HANDS. I hope that this painting challenge inspires you to spend a little time with this magnificent gift we each have — our body.

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