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I apologize for being super late in sharing my Nose invitation over here on the blog.  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, well, then you might have already seen my pieces.

But the last couple days have been real doozers.

My sweet dog Sedona, whom has only been in our family for less than 7 months, suddenly got very sick and unexpectedly passed away.  She was only 2 years old and quite the feisty little girl. It’s been really strange and heartbreaking to lose her so soon.

The day I was actually painting the nose prompt, is the day that Sedona became very sick.

Now that she has passed and I am writing this blog post, I can’t help but make the connection that Sedona loved to lick mine and Phoenix’s noses all the time.

Sometimes Phoenix would pick Sedona up and come rub noses with me — just because it would make Sedona go crazy trying to lick both of our noses together at the same time.

This always made Phoenix laugh hysterically.


Maybe it’s just coincidence, right?

But it’s comforting in some strange way none the less.

It’s also the kind of thing I expect.

My paintings always seem to coincide and speak to what is happening in my life.  Even if I don’t pick up on it right away or decipher the meaning immediately, the truth always seems to drip from my brushes.

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Welcome to Day 10 of 21 Days of emBODY.  Today’s invitation is NOSE. I hope that this painting challenge inspires you to spend a little time with this magnificent gift we each have — our body.

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