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Recently I had this epiphany that if I don’t get blogging soon I’m going to kick myself in the ass later.

When 2017 rolled around I told myself that this was going to be a year of transitions for me.

Knowing that in 2018 my family and I will be moving to Costa Rica my goals were to start releasing, organizing, and rearranging things in my personal, professional, creative, and home life so that this move can happen with the greatest of ease possible.

Sounds neat and tidy, doesn’t it?

Now with the year half way through I can tell you that 2017 has been less about transitions and more about lighting matches and fanning full blown wildfires.

To put it lightly: nothing seems to fit anymore.  Well, nothing except painting and my family.

Those two facets of my life are expanding in new and delicious ways.

But everything else feels like an old skin in desperate need of exfoliation.

But let’s be honest.

I tend to get my kicks from these uncomfortable in-between places.  The pressure and uncertainty always  launches me into a creative frenzy.

The act of painting not only grounds me into the precious here and now, but it’s like leaning back against my grandmother’s knee as she softly brushes my hair.

There’s something comforting and joyful about it. But it’s the wisdom between each stroke that I’m really thirsty for.

Blogging is just another way for me to sip at the wisdom between the strokes.

There’s something cathartic about documenting my heart and art in this fashion.  I actually miss the days when this virtual space of mine was used for far more then just announcing and selling stuff.

Back in the day this is where I came to process my life, share my art, and connect with my community.

Now I use social media for that.

Over the past few years blogging has felt clunky to me as my rhythm of sharing online has shifted. And who knows, it may start to feel clunky again.

But until then, my full moon intention for today is to resurrect this practice and embrace another new beginning in this year of so called transitions.


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