Incarnation | 4/101

3. Incarnation

What I love about these paintings is that the word I include is teeny tiny. You have to search for it.

Can you find “incarnation” in this one?

And you want to know what else is a secret?

I honestly wasn’t going to share this series. It felt too personal — too scary even. And seriously — I know myself.

Sometimes I get burned out by these challenges (or downright bored) — from all the personal sharing and staying on track — and well, I don’t want things to fizzle simply because mama lost momentum.

I care way too much about my Dirty Footprints Studio community than to do something silly like that.

But I gotta tell you — something is REALLY different with this series. Maybe not just with this series or the actual challenge — but with me. My intention.

It’s my over ripe desire to welcome in a new incarnation of myself that seems to be leading the way.

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