21 SECRETS Exciting News & A Discount Too


Here in the desert, Spring is in full bloom and my family and I have been drinking it in like honey. Before we know it, those 120 degree Fahrenheit temps of Summer will sneak up on us and we’ll be locked in doors for months. So now is when we love to hike, kayak, and bike every second we can.

Also in full bloom right now is my 21 SECRETS program.

Below is a bouquet of new things that I’m excited to finally share with you.

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Introducing Tonia Jenny The New Creative Director & Course Manager

I am excited to finally introduce you to Tonia Jenny the new Creative Director and Course Manager for 21 SECRETS. Tonia came aboard 21 SECRETS in late January and has been busy putting together this year’s beautiful line up of juicy new programs!

For over a decade Tonia was an editor with North Light books where she discovered her passion for working with artists. Currently, when Tonia’s not immersed in the joy of her work with Dirty Footprints Studio, she supports creatives in the process of sharing their messages of inspiration with others in her own editorial, writing and life-coaching business.

Also Tonia lives only a few blocks away from the 21 SECRETS Designer Quinn Tempest and I’m just a 30 minutes drive away myself! It’s been so much fun working together “in the reals” as a 21 SECRETS team — this is a total first to have everyone in the same city!

I am so happy to have Tonia Jenny on the 21 SECRETS team and you will be seeing lots more of her soon too! Welcome Tonia! Welcome!

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Four New Programs Are Headed Your Way

Spring has sprung here at 21 SECRETS and we are bubbling over with joy to announce that four new programs are headed your way.

Here’s a little teaser on what you can expect and when…

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21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015
Comes out May 2nd

We constantly receive emails asking if we’ll ever bring back 21 SECRETS 2014 & 2015 from retirement — and the answer is YES!

In 21 SECRETS The Best of 2014 & 2015 we’re welcoming back 37 workshops from the retired Spring and Fall 2014 and 2015 editions. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Goes on sale May 2nd!

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21 SECRETS Summer Studios: Just Add Water & The Great Outdoors
Just Add Water starts July 9th
The Great Outdoors starts July 30th

21 SECRETS Summer Studios is a brand new program launching in July 2018 to inspire and support artists in keeping their art-journaling practice fresh, fun, and totally do-able throughout the busy Summer season!

Each Summer Studio will run live for 10 days (Monday-Friday) with a different daily teacher sharing their art journaling mini-workshop based upon the specific theme of the Summer Studio program: Just Add Water will focus on watercolors and The Great Outdoors will invite each student to embrace Mother Nature as their muse.

Each lesson will be delivered as a daily email (M-F) with three videos in each that will make learning and creating fit into your Summer Schedule.

The Summer Studios go on sale June 6th!

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21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors
Comes out October 29th

In 21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors 21 talented teachers share their secrets to how they use paper, glue, and scissors creatively! Everything from traditional collage principles to more experimental approaches will be explored. Things are going to get sticky — we can’t wait!

Goes on sale September 26th!

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This Will Be The Last Time You Can Buy 21 SECRETS At $88

At 21 SECRETS it is our mission to make quality art journaling instruction accessible and affordable. That is why for the last five years we have kept the price of 21 SECRETS at $98 an edition.

We also believe in fully supporting our 21 SECRETS teachers for the work they so generously share. To insure that our 21 SECRETS teachers feel fully honored and fairly compensated, this Wednesday the price of 21 SECRETS will be going up to $128 an edition.

We know that many in the 21 SECRETS community are on fixed incomes and money can be tight — so we will still be offering early bird discounts to our programs and our bi-annual sales each year too — starting today!

Between now and Tuesday night you can use coupon code: SPRING on any of the current 21 SECRETS and save $10 off of the current $98 price. This will be the last time you can purchase 21 SECRETS at the low, low price of $88.


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