Don’t Put Down Your Brush


This is my paint sketch from last night.

As I created it I kept thinking of mercy and how one word can shift and change everything.

How if each “detention center” was instead a “refugee camp”. Wouldn’t it take up the same amount of tax payers money? Wouldn’t it fill the same amount of political space — there would still be problems to face and systems to fix and laws to examine.

Every material thing on the outside would still hold the same weight, except the energy behind it would flip from hate to mercy.

The horrors we are witnessing are not the result of just one man or one political party, this is fueled by a collective energy of hate that exists. Hate that has become more acceptable than mercy. Hate that is more mainstream than compassion. Hate that is more fashionable than kindness.

We must call our senators and donate money to those on the front line and help where we can. But when it comes down to the end of the day — it’s really up to us individually to begin to chip away at the collective of hate we are experiencing.

Hate is like fire. It burns away at your spirit.

That’s why artists are so crucial right now.

Art builds Soul stamina.
Art provides hope.
Art reminds us of our own shared humanity.
Art can transform hate into mercy.

My dear artists, don’t give into helplessness. Don’t let the heaviness of hate right now make you put down your brush.

This is our time to do what we’ve been called to do.

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