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Hello, Sweet Maker!

We’re counting down the days until the release of 21 SECRETS Paper, Glue, Scissors—only 19 days to go!

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Jill Krasner, whose workshop you’ll discover is Bold Journal Making! Jill has had quite a colorful history as an artist and she loves encouraging people who believe they have no talent to create, that in fact, they can make wonderful things!

Let me share with you here what else I learned about Jill.

Who or what has made the largest impact on the artist you are today?

I’ve been making art since I was a toddler…my first “ commission “ was painting a huge mural on the cafeteria wall of my elementary school, which still hangs there today. Amazing! In college, I augmented my income by making personal greeting cards for other students…birthday greetings to dearjohn notes!

After college, my jobs always involved some art …designing packaging for Squibb Pharmaceuticals (boring!); direct mail packages for Popular Science Magazine; pointof sale posters for Holt, Rhinehart & Winston book. Publishers.

Finally landed an art director job for Metromedia Television. Loved, loved, loved that job.

Name three words that sum up the three stages your current work goes through (with additional explanation IF you desire).

Mark Making on a blank substrate.
Color selection and blocking.
Finalizing composition.

When I left broadcasting, I struck out on my own, creating a line of illustrations that, in various forms, I sold to gift stores, catalogues &galleries, wholesale and retail. At one point, I did 25 to 30 craft shows a year and six wholesale trade shows. Hard work!

Now, I paint large canvases, small canvases, watercolor, mixed media, oil and cold wax. I just moved into aa huge studio space (2100 square feet). I have a fabulous space for teaching, lots of personal painting space, and great gallery space. I’m in heaven!

Name a time when the art you were creating inspired another area of your life.

Inspiration surrounds me. I live on Florida’s West Coast. Constant sunlight, tropical foliage and of course the crystal clear Gulf keeps me motivated and challenged whether I’m working on abstracts, florals, or landscapes.

Talented artists abound in this area as well and I find them also inspiring.

What is the one thing you hope we remember from your workshop?

You don’t need talent to be artistic. You just need to throw self- judgement out the door and let your inner child takeover!

What do you wish more people asked you?

Can I buy your painting?

And my answer to that is: of course!

Jill’s final answer made me giggle. I think that desire is something we can all relate to, don’t you?

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Jill-Krasner_headshotAbout Jill Krasner

Jill Krasner is an award-winning artist who has participated in numerous one-person shows in North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida. She teaches workshops on mixed-media, watercolor, oils and cold wax as well as marketing on social media. Jill currently resides in Florida.


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Jill is teaching Bold Journal Making

Sorting through a huge pile of half finished or “ unsuccessful “ paintings, and being hesitant to throw anything out, I realized these papers would make great foundation pages for journals. One thought led to another and I am now making individual journals for each of my eight grandchildren.

Each journal will have 10 to 12 pages, filled with secret pockets, fold-outs, sketches, photos and messages. There will also be plenty of blank areas for the recipient of the journal to add their own thoughts and illustrations.

I will demonstrate binding the journals using various materials and methods. I will show how to add pockets, fold-outs, and add one. Using paints, inks, gesso and numerous unexpected materials, I will show many ways to make each journal unique—an irresistible piece of art to be treasured.

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