Filling In Space

Untitled_Artwork 5

Unlike my sketchbook where I tend to finish a drawing in one sitting, or once-in-awhile it might take me two. My iPad is packed with partially finished drawings that I come back to again and again.

I started this drawing months ago with the intention to explore what it would look and feel like to leave more blank space in the image than actual line and pattern work.

I was also very interested in figuring out how to make the white space more luminous and with a sense of depth. Though obviously, I’m still not there yet technically.

The decision to fill her in with pattern took me weeks to come to. Finally I decided that without the luminosity I dreamt of for the white space, that negative space felt flat.

I’m learning though — that’s my favorite part of the whole process: I’m learning!

Now here’s a quick peek at my process.
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