Layers of Meaning (Book Review)


I want to take a moment to recommend this beautiful book by the artist Rakefet Hadar.

I don’t usually give shout-outs to books, but today I would like to make an exception for Layers of Meaning: Elements of Visual Journaling.

What I love about this book (next to the fact that it is JAM-PACKED with AMAZING art work from Rakefet’s journals) is how it’s not the typical step-by-step stuff you see prevalent out there in mixed-media land.

Instead, in the first part of this book Rakefet breaks down her visual journaling process into seven core elements.

In the second part Rakefet provides the reader with her alchemical approach to marrying the 7 elements together in a visual journal format. There’s a lot of freedom to explore provided in Rakefet’s process — which I feel is essential to any honest visual journaling practice.

And speaking of honesty, in the third section of this book Rakefet makes herself very vulnerable as she discusses the pain of losing her mother to cancer that prompted her first visual journal.

I want to thank Rakefet Hadar for generously sending me a copy of this gorgeous, inspiring book — it truly is a treasure.

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