Despair & Disbelief


The past few weeks, my morning walks with my dog Rocket have been under a beet-red sun and a hazy grey sky. The smokes from the California wildfires have made their way to Phoenix, and I notice that my family and I are coughing frequently and feel quite lethargic as well.

It’s devastating. For us, we live almost 1000 miles away and still we are feeling the daunting impact of this tragedy.

My heart and prayers are with the souls who are experiencing such horror and loss right now. My heart aches deeply for the communities and ecosystems that are disappearing in front of our eyes.

When I look online and see skies of bright orange, exhausted firefighters curled on the pavement sleeping, and lines of cars with walls of fire raging behind them — I feel despair and even disbelief.

The grief I carry is becoming thicker and thicker each day and so I have to…I need to…I paint.

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