My Absolute Favorite Art Supplies

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Last month I asked my beloved online community: If we were in the studio together, what would you ask me?

To my great surprise I have received hundreds of questions.  Many of them were around what kind of supplies do I use and recommend.

So yesterday, as I was getting things up and running for my Painting The Feminine eCourse that starts on Monday, September 28th I realized that the video I made for my suggested supply list includes all of my absolute favorite supplies I use almost daily!

Because so many of you asked for it — I thought I’d share this video with you as well.

In the video below you will find my thoughts on:

  • choosing the perfect art journal
  • my all-time-favorite paint
  • my paintbrush ménage à trois
  • oil pastels (oh how I love oil pastels)
  • water-soluble graphite goodness
  • palettes and paint rags
  • the collage ephemera that I can’t get enough of
  • adhesive I keep on hand
  • my current and last studio log

For linky-dinks to all of the supplies I share in the video simply check-out the Painting The Feminine Suggested Supply List RIGHT HERE.

This is the last time I will be hosting Painting The Feminine live.  After this session Painting The Feminine will only be available as a self-guided eCourse — and at the same price it is now.

The benefit of joining this Fall session is that you can join me live in our four weekly Zoom calls every Friday at 9:30 AM PST/ 12:30 PM EST (they are recorded for those that can’t make it). Plus I’ll be jumping into the classroom M-F with some loving feedback.

After seven good years of hosting Painting The Feminine each Spring and Fall I am ready to let it go and look forward to making this last live session the best of all!


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