My Absolute Favorite Art Supplies

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Last month I asked my beloved online community: If we were in the studio together, what would you ask me?

To my great surprise I have received hundreds of questions.  Many of them were around what kind of supplies do I use and recommend.

So yesterday, as I was getting things up and running for my Painting The Feminine eCourse that starts on Monday, September 28th I realized that the video I made for my suggested supply list includes all of my absolute favorite supplies I use almost daily!

Because so many of you asked for it — I thought I’d share this video with you as well.

In the video below you will find my thoughts on:

  • choosing the perfect art journal
  • my all-time-favorite paint
  • my paintbrush ménage à trois
  • oil pastels (oh how I love oil pastels)
  • water-soluble graphite goodness
  • palettes and paint rags
  • the collage ephemera that I can’t get enough of
  • adhesive I keep on hand
  • my current and last studio log

For linky-dinks to all of the supplies I share in the video simply check-out the Painting The Feminine Suggested Supply List RIGHT HERE.


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