To Surrender Into

May 15, 2010

La Jolla, California Taken by Hansel, the LOVE of my life! I’ve been struggling with Miss Jamie Awesome‘s Wishcasting question this week: What do you wish to experience? Not because I don’t know what I want to experience…because that I do completely…instead I struggle for the words to best express what it is. Please, let me try my best…. I LOVE the ocean. Adore her. Worship her, and believe so deeply in her healing abilities. A big part of my desire to move to Costa Rica lies in my longing to be near here always. I’ve only been with the…


Sedona, How I LOVE Thee!

Mar 18, 2010

Sedona Study: Cathedral Rock. Oil pastel on paper. 5 inches x 5 inches. This past week Hansel and I have been on vacation. We had planned earlier to head to California for this week, but last minute changed our minds. So a “Staycation” it has been–and what a wonderful time at that! Yesterday we went to our beloved Sedona, Arizona–which is only an hour and a half drive from our home (not close enough, I say!!). A trip to Sedona for us means hiking, Hansel shooting photographs, I putzin’ with my oil pastels and shooting video, yummy vegetarian food, and…


Sedona Sunday

Apr 28, 2008

Today Hansel and I went to Sedona. He went on his mountain bike around Bell Rock and I hiked to the tip-top of Brims Mesa further north in town. The weather was perfect, and once I got on the trails, there were very little tourists to weave through. What they are doing to Sedona just sickens me. I remember when the streets were so narrow, and everything was snug with trees. I miss the Sedona that always seemed like a secret. But still, once I sneak into the canyons or make my way up those magnificent rocks, things are all…


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