Painting The Feminine Begins This May! On Sale Now!

Apr 11, 2014

Painting The Feminine Starts Monday, May 5th REGISTRATION CLOSED! Student Work By Lisa Hofmann In November of 2013 I started a journey I call Painting The Feminine.  Through a daily creative practice I began to explore various topics and ideas around Feminine energy and how it shows up or is suppressed in my own life.  This journey has been so healing and transformative that I felt called to share it with other women. In January 2014 I held the first Painting The Feminine online workshop and as the energy of our community began to build, Painting The Feminine started to…


Visualize With Me…

Dec 23, 2013

Visualize with me for just a moment that it’s Monday, January 6. You wake up.. Stretch your arms. Wiggle your hips into seated position. And plop your feet onto the floor searching for your fuzzy slippers. Not only are you feeling jazzed because you’re still surfing on the high of your New Year’s intentions, but today, sitting all warm and gooey in your email inbox is the very first Painting The Feminine email. You don’t even bother going to the bathroom or brushing your teeth. Heck, you even kept your laptop on all night just so that you could flip…


Join Us Today For A Holiday PAINT Party!!

Dec 16, 2013

In just a few hours we’ll be art journaling and having fun at my first Dirty Footprints Studio Holiday PAINT Party!! Everyone is invited–and it’s totallyFREE!  Just jump on over to Spreecast HERE at 12pm PST / 3pm EST and bring your art journal!!! Hope to see you there!


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