#21emBODY | NECK

Mar 18, 2017

Initially, I wasn’t going to put any trees in this painting. Even though, I must say, I’m totally digging the trees popping up in this series of work.

I started this piece late last night and when I came into my studio this morning, Mr. Phoenix was already sitting at my work table adding his mark.

Here’s a photo I took of him pointing to his work while he explained how his contribution added to the piece.



Mar 17, 2017

Each of these #21emBODY paintings have been excavating a lot of buried memories for me.

Sometimes during the actual painting process “random” stuff begins to surface. I’ll suddenly think of the time I received a massage from Colleen after my grandfather died or trudging through the mud on my way to a Grateful Dead show.

I’ve also been writing rapidly in my studio log right after painting. This process is something I do quite often.


#21emBODY | TOES

Mar 16, 2017

In my junior year of high school, my friend Becky and I went one Summer to see the Grateful Dead play. This was two years before Jerry Garcia had died and during a total hippie dippie phase of my life.

We got up super early and drove for hours to arrive 2 miles from the concert site stuck in bumper-to-bumper stand still traffic, lined up in the middle of farms and corn fields. On top of that, it was storming like crazy and neither one of us packed a jacket or raincoat or sensible shoes. What’s that?

Deadheads were abandoning their cars and VW buses on the side of road and hiking in the rain to the concert. They’d stop from car to car, selling jewelry, pot, and bootlegged music.


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