Let It Be, Let It Be


Ok, I think this is try 5,901 that I am attempting to write today’s blog post.  And to think that I already had a blog post scheduled and ready to publish this morning at 5AM.  But nooooo….I had an absolutely amazing, soul shifting, heart opening Yoga Teacher Training weekend…and I come home Sunday night and felt that the post I was going to share today was no longer valid.

No longer speaking my truth.

So, instead, I’ve been coming back again and again today to try and share with you.  But nothing seems to flow–nothing is rolling out of my fingertips and onto my monitor.

But I want to share.
I want to tell you all about it–but I can’t.  It’s still marinating.  Still brewing and blending its goodness inside me.

Wisdom is funny like that.  It is never something we can just acquire.  You can’t just read or hear new wisdom then pop! it simply becomes a part of ya.

Nope. Wisdom likes to germinate.  It likes to enter your system with a rush of energy and excitement–then settle to the bottom and wait.  It likes to grow mold, collect dust, and rust a little before it starts to take precedence in your life.  Before it’s full effects can cause a stir.

So that’s where I’m at.

Filled with a new rush of beauty and truth–but being patient that in it’s own sweet time it will rise to greet me with action and new thoughts.  Until then, I’ll stop trying to write about it–forget even talking about it–and simply let things be.

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