Blogging, Painting, & BIG Transitions


In January 2016, right after New Years, I borrowed Chris Zydel’s studio for a week as a 40th birthday gift to myself.

It’s been about 18 months since that birthday paintingfest & this week as I hang out at Chris’s studio again to host PAINT RIOT together, I realized how wildly different my paintings are today from back then.

But I think that’s one of the main reasons why I paint.

Each painting becomes a trail marker, a snippet of time, a visual haiku of this blessed life of mine.

Dig deeper and I notice that the shifts and changes I make in my art have a cyclical rhythm to them.  Much like the seasons or the lunar cycle.

There are phases of full on colorful bliss —

Like last year, when I shared my color obsession in  BOLD — my 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color workshop where we use nothing but raw, straight-from-the-tube, delicious full on color!

Then, after a while of getting high on neons, my New Moon always appears and I slip into periods of neutral tones, whites, and soft, subtle pastels.

Total MOODY at it’s best.

Though what I’ve been curious about lately is where and when these transitions happen.

What prompts these new phases?

What takes me out of my comfortable way of creating and back into the mystery of creating something new? Even though that something new isn’t all that new, in a sense.

The art journal pages I’ve posted here mark a place of transition for me.  While creating them  I could feel myself pealing away from the hot, vibrant colors I used while painting in Oaxaca and even in my #21emBODY series — and falling into abstract color fields and white.

So much delicious white.

These simple art journal pages became a bridge.

They lead me into a series I am creating that I lovingly call Rapture & Restraint. I’ve been sharing a peek into it over on Instagram, and well, I plan on sharing more about my painting shenanigans here on my blog too.

Like I said, I’m curious about these phases of transition and right now, in my life, I’m in the midst of a big transition as well.

I don’t want to miss the nuances and blessings of this sacred in-between place.  But it’s hard not to pour too much focus on where I am headed or at times to hold on to tightly to where I have been.

Strangely, I’ve been feeling the call to lean into blogging once again.

Blogging for me, myself.

Blogging as a bridge.

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