How FEARLESS® Painting Was A Rite Of Passage

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It’s really quite simple actually.

Hansel popped in a movie that he borrowed from the library.  Phoenix was snuggled in his bed asleep.  I, in my pajamas, poured a cup of hot ginger tea and then spread my art journal and oil pastels out on the chaise lounge with my watercolor paints resting awkwardly on my crossed legs.

Sure it feels like I dibble dabble with FEARLESS® Painting once in awhile.  Enough to give the impression that my paintbrushes haven’t moved to the Bahamas without me.

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And I could begin this next sentence with the words “there used to be a time”, but now is what really matters most to me and now I’m finally answering the call to paint FEARLESS® like a lady on fire — a woman with a mission — an artist burning with desire.

(Don’t you love how cheesy I can get!)

So I’ve been sneaking it in.  Staying up late. Getting up early. Even inviting my little guy to join in.


Yesterday I talked to a dear friend whom I haven’t spoken to in months.  She asked me what my year’s been like and I surprised myself by my own reply.

I told her how this year has been a major letting go.  I shared with her the details from my funeral paintings (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE) and how all this Soul housekeeping has made heavy things in my life transform in beautiful ways.

It surprised me that I shared this as the big thing that happened this year and reminded me how truly important FEARLESS® painting is to me.

This past year FEARLESS® painting was not just something I did for work or for fun or even deep reflection – it was an actual rite of passage.

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FEARLESS® painting was my bridge.  A true friend.  A wise guide that walked me through a rough patch of growing and expanding.

I couldn’t be more grateful for this life I’ve been dealt.  I couldn’t be more humbled by the fact that I sometimes think I don’t paint enough.

When will I finally get it: that with FEARLESS® Painting  the “doing” involves much more than just fingers wrapped around a paintbrush or the evidence found in an art journal.

FEARLESS® Painting is a way of life, one that I believe takes intention — one that I’m renewing right now, right here — one that is always, always evolving.

One that you can plan on seeing more of from me as 2016 magically unfolds.


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