BIG News Comes In Threes!


Today I have three big announcements to share that I’m just going to get straight to the point.

Registration for Paint FEARLESS Mexico 2020 is now open!

After three years and ten retreats, I still get excited as ever to show a new group of painters the magical, wonderful city of Oaxaca and most of all to receive the opportunity to guide each artist deeper into their own unique painting practice.

Paint FEARLESS Mexico will be happening October 11-18, 2020 and it is open to 8 women painters ready to deepen their painting practice and have their senses awaken by the culture, traditions, and beauty that is Oaxaca.

Painting The Feminine Student Show Is Open And Shining Brightly

Today I am also having a proud mama bear moment because the Painting The Feminine Fall Student Show is now open to the public!

The art we make in Painting The Feminine is incredibly vulnerable and personal and because of that I never require or even insist that my students participate in the final Student Show.

The women that are included in the PTF Student Show choose to do so for various personal reasons, but together we believe that art made from the heart has a healing and powerful effect on the world.

I’m November’s Guest Teacher in True Colors Art Program

While I have been in Oaxaca I started a brand new “tiny sketchbook” as I like to call it.

I’m the kind of neurotic artist that has a million different sketchbooks — each dedicated to their own purpose or materials.

My tiny sketchbook is something that goes everywhere with me and I only use ink in it. That’s it. Nothing else.

So imagine how excited I was when art maven Kellee Wynne of True Colors art school invited me to be the guest artist for the month of November and to share my love, love, LOOOOOVE for everything inky.

Immediately I told her that I wanted to inspire others to use a tiny sketchbook as well.

My lesson comes with a 15 page hand-drawn PDF zine that is yours to download and keep. I poured so much love into this workshop — I know you are going to feel it like lightening when you receive it!

True Colors is an annual program chocked full of talented artists exploring a different color palette each month.

And yes! I know you’re thinking it’s kind of late in the year to find out about this magical program — but the good thing is that you get unlimited access to all the previous lessons no matter when you sign up.

Happy Painting Everyone — and wishing you a beautiful November!

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