Sedona Sit Spot

Oct 26, 2017

Recently I shared a peek into some of my hotel art journaling I did on my mini-solo-retreat in Sedona this past Summer. Another highlight of that trip was finding a fabulous place to sit in the shade to do a little sketching.


New Moon Video :: Cottonwood

Jul 22, 2017

In June of 2018 my family and I are moving to Costa Rica.  Before we leave, my husband Hansel and I have decided to create a project together that is part love letter and part thanksgiving to the beautiful state of Arizona that we have made our home for the last 11 years.  

As a family we are visiting places that are near and dear to our hearts and connecting with them in the ways we do best as individual artists — I through painting, Hansel through video and photography.  


Postcards From Costa Rica

Feb 13, 2013

Here are a few postcards from Costa Rica for you! First, I was terribly nervous about taking Phoenix on his first flight!  But he did fantastic!!! He slept most of the time–and the other time he played with his toys and waved and smiled at all the other passengers that walked by or stopped for a visit!  He’s such a charmer! And the best part is that Hansel’s sister Tatiana was waiting for us when we arrived! After a whole day of airports and flying–I agreed to be the one that would drive us through San Jose, Costa Rica.  Believe…


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