Sketches From Costa Rica

Feb 12, 2013

All of these sketches were done in my Moleskine sketchbook (that I love)– while I was in Costa Rica! I simply use a black pen.  Nothing fancy. And, if you look close enough, you can see where ocean water and raindrops hit the page! (To see more sketches from my Moleskine go HERE.)


Tears To Ocean Tides

Feb 11, 2013

There is an island off of Cabuya, Costa Rica that is dedicated to the dead.  It has been made into a cemetery that rests maybe twenty Souls who have passed away. Hansel, who was born and raised in a town near-by, had never been to this island.  But he told me that once in awhile the tide is so low people walk across the shore to visit their loved ones. Few days later we felt like taking another adventure driving through the jungle roads–and both of us wanted to check on that island once again. Maybe the tide will be…


Making FEARLESS Sand Mandalas

Feb 7, 2013

FEARLESS Sand Mandala done on the beach in Mazanillo, Costa Rica. We’ve been spending our evenings watching the sunset at the beach.  And if I’m not sketching in my Moleskine or playing in the sand with Phoenix–I’ve been drawing FEARLESS sand mandalas!! I started drawing mandalas when I was pregnant with Phoenix–and find them hugely meditative.  When I create them it’s like the whole world slips away.  Drawing mandalas in the sand is like 50 times that!! The one pictured above was my first FEARLESS sand mandala–and I started drawing it way too close to the ocean–so before I was…


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